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Sportube Hard Carry Case

Sportube protective carry cases, for carrying, transporting and storing your skis and snowboards. The polyethylene hard-shell ski cases we use are designed specifically to offer the maximum in protection for your travelling skiing equipment. Coming in varying sizes and specifications they are made to suit your equipment, including hard carry cases for single ski sets, double or multiple pairs of skis in one single carry case for easy transportation.

Sportube Hard Ski Transport Carry Case

Snowboard Carry Cases from Sportube

For snowboarding Sportube also produce a specific case designed to suit your snowboards perfectly, similar to the ski carry case they are leading products in efficient, secure and safe transportation of your snowboards across the world.

Transport Skis on Holiday with Sportube

Skiing holidays are often a struggle when it comes to carrying your skis, snowboards or boots around airports, to your travel destination and into the hotel at the resort. Our Sportube hard carry case products give you the hassle free option you have been looking for, easily transportable and with wheels make it as hassle free as possible.

Want to own your own Sportube?

We have found that some customers want their own Sportube, whether it be for storing skis and snowboards safely and tidily at home, or for transporting skis and snowboards themselves to the indoor or outdoor slopes in the UK, or even for a last minute break.

We have set up an ebay account to allow you to buy NEW Sportubes at a discounted rate.

Single Sportube (Series 1) £77.00 + FREE p&p

Snowboard Sportube (Series 3) £110.00 + FREE p&p