Daily Telegraph article - New airline baggage charges to hit millions
28th August 2009

Front page article in todays Daily Telegraph outlining the details of several airlines' plans to introduce additional baggage charges.

It highlights that these charges will hit skiers particularly hard because it will now count sporting goods, including skis, as pasrt of the baggage allowance. This means that, for a British Airways flight, anyone carrying a suitcase in addition to skis will have to pay an extra £40 at the airport - or £32 if it is checked in online.

It will hit skiers and boarders in a move described as "disappointing" by the Ski Club of Great Britain.

Our view is to enjoy the flight with BA rather than one of the budget airlines - better seats, possibly an inflight meal etc, but rather than still have to take your bags to the airport, pay us to do all of that for you, get your equipment serviced and take the hassle out of it.