• We charge an annual membership of £23 per household (up to 6 pairs of skis).
  • Storage, charged at £17.50 per set of skis/snowboard covers year round storage and a summer service or, should you prefer, return of your equipment to you.
  • Trip cost - covering a full service for each pair of skis/board on every trip and return transportation to and from your resort(s). Place cursor over map to see prices. 

Click to download and print off our cost and sevice comparison guide.

After you have printed off the guide, click through to see our pricing table to find full costs for each individual trip including our discounted prices for 3 or more people travelling in a party.

For GROUPS of more than 6 people, click here.

* The Cost of each trip includes transporting your ski equipment to and from your resort as well as a full ski service.